Wood Stretch Bar


Standard Design - Pine wood

3/4" inch width x 1 5/8 inch deep
( 18x40mm )
Price in USD 
Wholesaler Discount
Bar length
 To 20 feet container order
 To 40 feet
container order
8 inch 
US$0.242 /pcs
US$0.177 /pcs
US$0.167 /pcs
10 inch
US$0.254 /pcs
US$0.206 /pcs
US$0.195 /pcs
12 inch
US$0.259 /pcs
US$0.223 /pcs
US$0.211 /pcs
14 inch
US$0.278 /pcs
US$0.243 /pcs
US$0.229 /pcs
16 inch
US$0.345 /pcs
US$0.278 /pcs
US$0.263 /pcs
18 inch
US$0.356 /pcs
US$0.291 /pcs
US$0.274 /pcs
20 inch
US$0.386 /pcs
US$0.324 /pcs
US$0.305 /pcs
22 inch
US$0.433 /pcs
US$0.356 /pcs
US$0.336 /pcs
24 inch
US$0.469 /pcs
US$0.388 /pcs
US$0.366 /pcs
26 inch
US$0.496 /pcs
US$0.420 /pcs
US$0.397 /pcs
28 inch
US$0.522 /pcs
US$0.453 /pcs
US$0.427 /pcs
30 inch
US$0.549 /pcs
US$0.485 /pcs
US$0.458 /pcs
32 inch
US$0.575 /pcs
US$0.517 /pcs
US$0.489 /pcs
34 inch
US$0.633 /pcs
US$0.549 /pcs
US$0.518 /pcs
36 inch
US$0.669 /pcs
US$0.582 /pcs
US$0.549 /pcs
40 inch
US$0.772 /pcs
US$0.647 /pcs
US$0.610 /pcs
48 inch
US$0.886 /pcs
US$0.776 /pcs
US$0.732 /pcs

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